Shell Shockers

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About Shell Shockers

Come to Shell Shockers for a thrilling and dramatic shooting war. You will control an egg hero character with a first-person perspective and destroy enemies.

Some interesting things about the game

Like Smash Karts, since it was developed and launched by Blue Wizard Digital, this game has become a stormy game. At the beginning of the game, of course, the name of the egg you want to control in the battle is indispensable. Once your egg is named, don't hesitate to choose one of the 3 modes Free for all, Team match, and Catch the spoon to join the fight right away. Depending on whether you prefer team play or solo play, choose for yourself a suitable game mode. In addition, there are six distinct egg varieties in Shell Shockers and each with a unique set of special abilities. To have the greatest experience, let's try all these six distinct eggs.