Short Life

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About Short Life

Short Life is a perilous survival game filled with several lethal traps. Your goal is to try to keep the character under control till the finish line safely.

Overview of the game

This game is quite similar to the name of the game Short Life. If you are not careful from the first moments of play, the game will have to end soon. Controlling the player character through all the dangerous and deadly obstacles is your task in this game. You always have to be on the lookout for traps like spikes, weights, bows, and arrows, etc. Depending on the wound when you encounter, it will decide whether the game continues or not. If after the injury but you are not dead, you can still continue the game. This game is very interesting but also quite challenging because of the difficulty as well as the obstacles. If you want to discover more similar games with different difficulties, you can try Happy Wheels and Dino Game.