Slap and Run

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Get ready to rock the neighborhood in the Slap and Run game. Control your stickman character to slap as many stickmen as possible and try to run away from them.

All you need to do in Slap and Run

The context of this game is very interesting when you will play the role of mischief and often tease others. This time, you will perform an evil act of trying to slap other people. Slap as many people as you can and run as fast as possible to the finish line. Besides, you will have to avoid obstacles such as saws, bridges, etc while running. Run to the end of the road, you will face an extremely dangerous person. Slap him and jump as far as you can to multiply your score. Let's enjoy the game.

Great features of Slap and Run

  • This addictive running game with a fun story has simple controls like the Body Race game. You hover left or right to navigate the character near other characters.
  • After completing a level, another more challenging level is waiting for you.
  • Graphics and sound effects attract players.