Slope Run

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Take part in Slope Run to explore the galaxy while controlling a ball running on a tube in the air. Your aim is to get the highest point in the game.

Slope Run is designed with the image of a tube floating in the air and connecting two planets together. Your mission is to explore these planets and galaxies with a ball. To do that, the first and most important thing you have to do is move from planet to planet.

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Ideal Graphics With Magnificent Milky Way

This game is an ideal environment to help you explore the wonders of the galaxy thanks to its impressive graphics. You can immerse yourself in endless 3D space with twinkling stars and magical planets. They will continuously appear after every step you explore. Can you explore the entire map with new experiences? Start this running game now to discover interesting things!

The Gameplay of This Slope Game

How to play

Let's control the ball rolling through the tube connecting the two planets. However, the tube has not been improved for a long time, so it is no longer stable and cracks often appear. Therefore, you must navigate the ball and avoid or jump over the cracks and deadly holes. The running speed as well as the breaking speed of the pipe will become faster and faster. Therefore, you also need to be careful and highly focused to control the rolling ball as far as possible. Remember that the game will be over if your ball falls into the air. After this adventure, let's conduct some more in Jetpack Joyride. This game is also a fun game for you to experience in your spare time!

How to control

  • Use the LEFT&RIGHT ARROW keys or the AD key to move left and left.
  • Use the UP ARROW key or the W key to jump.

Your ball will automatically move forward. You just need to navigate the ball to avoid the dangers. It is simple to understand but challenging to master.

All Game Modes

This game is a running slope game that has 2 modes: Infinity and Levels. Each mode will give you a different experience.

Level Mode

  • Rules: Control the ball and reach the destination to complete a level.
  • Features: There are many different levels. These levels are all different in terms of maps and obstacles. In particular, there are many levels that gather together to form new branches. These branches have a different theme than all the other levels. You can track your progress at the minimap.

Infinity Mode

  • Rules: Control your ball over endless slopes and get the highest score possible.
  • Features: The map in this mode is a collection of different themes. You can experience interesting tracks. Besides, your highest score will be recorded. The players with the highest achievements will be honored in the leaderboard.