Soccer Kid vs Huggy

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Welcome to a soccer game between a kid and the monster Huggy in Soccer Kid vs Huggy game. Transform into that boy and knock out Huggy in this soccer game.

The gameplay of Soccer Kid vs Huggy

Are you ready to enter the football battle against the Huggy monster? You shoot the balls to hit the target which is moving huggy in order to knock them down. Each time you hit him, you will score goals. Score as many goals as you can to outsmart him and come out on top. You only have a certain number of balls to take down all Huggies. If there are no balls left and you still haven't knocked them all down, you are the loser.

The design of Soccer Kid vs Huggy

When you enter the soccer game, you will see three Huggies which are moving. You are a boy who is standing on the soccer pitch. Your target is to defeat these three Huggies with some balls at the bottom of the screen. Of course, the audience is an important part of any football match. Your soccer match will be witnessed by heroes and scary characters famous all over the world. Be confident in your ability to kick the ball and win.