Spongebob Run

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Run and explore in Spongebob Run

Let's accompany SpongeBob in the Spongebob Run game to explore different environments. Meet new friends, experience new characters, and collect coins.

When entering this game, you play the character SpongeBob and go on a thrilling journey of discovery. Start with the explorations under the ocean. You will meet a lot of interesting and dangerous creatures here. In addition, always cheerful new friends always welcome you. In the process of exploring this ocean, you can switch characters for a short period of time if you collide with special characters. For example, you will transform into a snake and perform spring-like jumping movements to move.

Besides, the ocean is full of treasures. Don't hesitate to collect them all if you come across treasures or gold coins. You defeat the robot monsters and you can also gain more gold from them. Are you ready to join Spongebob? Remember that collecting 5 golden pickles helps you to unblock the Plankton boss level.

Control: Like Dino Game, you click, tap, or press the spacebar to play.


Bot Stomper, Premium Pickle, Split Pants, Fiery Fist O' Pain, and Krusty Krab Hero are five achievements that you will gain after conquering the Spongebob Run game.

  • Bot Stomper: You have to knock down an enemy to get this achievement.
  • Premium Pickle: In order to get this, let's get a gold pickle.
  • Split Pants: Your task is to split into two.
  • Fiery Fist O' Pain: When you unlock the second level of Glove Universe, you will have this achievement.
  • Krusty Krab Hero: This is the most difficult achievement to achieve. Your objective is to defeat Boss Plankton in order to get it.