Stick Duel: Battle Hero

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Join Stick Duel: Battle Hero to take part in crazy stickmen battles. Destroy the opponent and reach the first 5 points to become the winner.

The playing rules of Stick Duel: Battle Hero

As I mentioned earlier, the goal of this game is to beat your opponent and get the first 5 points to be the winner. You will have to control a stickman to participate in one-on-one battles. Do not hesitate to use the weapons in the game to launch dangerous attacks that make the opponent lose. You also do not forget to control your character to avoid the opponent's consecutive attacks if you do not want to lose early. In the costumes of heroes, can you defeat your opponents?

Features of Stick Duel: Battle Hero

  • The game offers a variety of weapons, shields, and health-boosting power-ups.
  • In addition to the single-player mode, you can challenge your friends or relatives in the 2-player mode.
  • Changing hero costumes to your liking is always available and free.

Game controls

  • The first player uses the arrow keys to move and the L key to shoot. Press the O key to drop weapons.
  • The second player controls his stickman by using the WASD key. Besides, the F and R keys will help him to shoot and drop weapons.