Stick Hero

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Play Stick Hero to control your stickman hero and participate in the adventurous journey. In this game, you need to adjust the length of the stick to move and cross the most piles to score the highest.

Obstacles in Stick Hero

The hero character requires your assistance to overcome numerous obstacles. A distinct distance separates each pile. Therefore, overcoming them is extremely challenging. The game will immediately end if the character loses their balance due to inattention.

How to Beat This Adventure Game

The stick will become longer when you hold the mouse button, and it will then fall to form a bridge for your character to cross. Your stick needs a suitable length in order to overcome piles safely.

You will score well if you can get through a lot of piles. After that, you can play Tiny Fishing, Curve Ball 3D, Mad Day Special, and Geometry Dash Meltdown on our Dino Game website.