Stickman Army: The Defenders

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Transform into a stickman against revolutionaries and renegades in the Stickman Army: The Defenders game. With your smart strategies, command a powerful army and destroy all enemies.

The gameplay of Stickman Army: The Defenders

The stickman kingdom in the game is in a dire situation as rebels and revolutionaries constantly try to divide the country. As the guardian of the stickman kingdom, it is your duty to prevent their bad actions. In this cool strategic stickman game, you are given command of a mighty stickman army. Use your smart strategies to prevent and prevent them from entering the president's house.

Specifically, each rebel piece will go in a straight line. You will put your soldiers in the right position to fight them. There will be energy boxes falling in the area and you need to collect them to get more soldiers. Remember that you will lose if the rebels can enter the house and assassinate the president. Good luck!

Tips for players to play

  • Collect a lot of energy boxes to be able to use soldiers equipped with advanced weapons.
  • You should place your soldiers far from the house at the start of the game. The purpose of this is to reduce the enemy's fighting power.