Subway Surfers Mumbai

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About Subway Surfers Mumbai

Subway Surfers Mumbai is the 12th installment of the Subway Surfers series. In the game, your goal is to assist Jake to escape from an inspector.

If you are looking for a game to entertain, this is a great choice for you. You will have to control your character to escape the chase of the inspector. While running from the inspector you have to overcome the obstacles. Obstacles will be ships and barricades. You must avoid these obstacles to not fall. Once you fall you will be caught and fail. This game requires you to be flexible to avoid obstacles. You have to run non-stop to not be caught and get a high score. What are you waiting for without joining this amazing game?

Play Subway Surfers

How to play

Play this game right away to learn more about Mumbai which is a stunning Indian metropolis. In this most recent version, Jake encounters an inspector once more on the subway and Jake is currently being pursued by the inspector's dog. Your goal is to assist him in getting past various challenges like subway walls and moving trains to escape from the inspector. Let's use your arrow keys or WASD to help Jake move or jump. In addition, it is necessary to take use of the power-ups placed along the path as well as collect as many coins as you can. You can travel farther with their assistance and amass more coins along the way. Spend them at the store picking up more characters, hoverboards, and clothing. If you want to play more running games, you can check out Dino Game, Slope Run, and Geometry Dash Lite.

How to control

  • Use the up arrow to jump
  • Use the down arrow to slide
  • Use the left and right arrow to steer left and right


You can use some power-up that you pick up in the way to overcome obstacles easier.

  • Missile: You activate the rocket and soar into the air. Here you will not encounter any obstacles and can collect coins continuously.
  • X2: While you move, the number of points you get will be doubled, helping you to get a higher score during the run.
  • Magnet: It helps to attract all the coins on the way, helping you not to miss a single coin.
  • Shoes: It helps you jump higher. You can jump over obstacles such as trains. However, flying too high will make it difficult for you to control the speed.
  • Skateboard: You can use it as a shield. When you activate the skateboard, you will not fall when hitting an obstacle.

Buy skins for your character

While you move you will collect coins. You can use coins to buy skins for your character and get a better experience. The game has tons of amazing skins waiting for you to discover. Skins you can open such as a robot, ninja, Indian woman, and so on. Each outfit will have a different price. Collect as many coins as you can and unlock your favorite skin. Hope you have great experience in this game