Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run is an addictive running game developed by Nintendo. With the Mario character, are you ready to run on the endless road while avoiding rockets?

How Super Mario Run works

Compare with Dino Game or Dinosaur Game, the difficulty of the Super Mario Run game will be higher. However, the gameplay of these games is the same as you try to control your character to run as far as possible.

Run in the endless road

In this game, you will control the character Mario who is a famous character from classic movies. The path that you and Mario must run through is endless. However, there are many rockets flying toward you with different trajectories. To go further, you have to control Mario to jump or crouch to avoid those rockets. You will get a point if you avoid a rocket. The more rockets you successfully avoid, the higher your score.

How to control

  • Click the left mouse button or press the up arrow key to jump.
  • Double-click the left mouse button or double-press the up arrow key to jump higher.
  • Press the right arrow key to run faster.
  • Press the left arrow key to run backward.
  • Press the down arrow key to crouch.

Interesting information about Super Mario Run

This game was designed and developed by Nintendo in 2016. It exploded and became the hottest game at the time. By July 2018, the game has earned $60 million for the company since its release date, according to Sensor Tower data. Now, this running Mario game is still one of the most loved.