Survival Express

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Survival Express is an interesting and strange mining game. In this game, you use a pickaxe to create your own paths to find treasure in a mine.

What do you do in the Survival Express game?

Talented miners have discovered an area rich in gold and other valuables thanks to advanced equipment. Now they are planning to exploit them. As an outstanding miner, you should be the pioneer to create a path to exploit all the treasures here. Use a pickaxe and start your work. Pay attention to the terrain to avoid dangerous objects. Besides, you should also create a favorable path to exploit valuables such as gold or diamonds in this mine. The deeper you dig, the more you will feel that the minerals here seem limitless. Let's see how much you can mine.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to a position on the screen where you want to construct the path.

Obstacles in Survival Express

The underground contains a lot of valuables but it also includes a lot of dangerous stuff. Reefs and bombs are the two obstacles you encounter the most. It is not possible to dig through the reef which is sharp and hard. Touch them and you will die. Bombs also abound and are located in different locations. If you collide with them, they will explode. Like Pixel Dino Run, there were no signs suggesting their presence. Therefore, you need to focus to be able to conquer this mine.