The Last Miner

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Have you ever thought about the images of a zombie world? If you are the last resident who is not infected in the world, what do you do? If you want to fight, don't hesitate to enter The Last Miner and eliminate all zombies.

Description of The Last Miner

An unknown virus makes all Minecraft residents into zombies. There is only you who is still a normal one. All daily activities are stopped and you don't know there is anyone like you. You decided to explore and look for other uninfected people. Destroying zombies is an indispensable thing. Let's start your journey by choosing one of three locations including Forest, City, and Industrial. Each place has a lot of levels with increasing difficulty. Besides, each level has a number of zombies that you must shoot and kill with the weapon and ammunition provided. At the same time, you have to avoid running out of bullets or being murdered by the zombies themselves. After destroying all zombies, you can relax with Fall Boys and Girls Running Multiplayer.

How to control

Players move their game character by using WASD and jump by pressing space. Hold shift to run, then aim and shoot using the mouse. In addition, you can purchase new weapons and skins with the cash you earn by eliminating the zombies.