Tomb of the Mask

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Tomb of the Mask is a fun arcade game where you will explore a maze-like tomb. Get ready to conquer an infinite procedurally generated vertical labyrinth.

Background of Tomb of the Mask

You are an adventurous person. In a search for new adventures and new experiences, you come to a tomb. You saw a strange mask there. Out of curiosity, you put it on. Then, you find out that this mask can help you climb the wall easily and quickly. At the same time, you find yourself trapped in this maze-like tomb. Collecting all the stars and coins in the tomb is the only way you can escape from here.

How to escape in Tomp of the Mask

First, you use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to control the movements of your masked character. Control the character to move in this labyrinthine tomb area to collect stars and coins. Although you are currently able to climb walls, you have to watch out for walls equipped with thorns. This is the trap in this tomb. If you climb into the hedge of thorns, your masked character will die. These thorn hedges are bright navy blue, so be careful. In addition, Use power-ups like invincibility or speed boosts and character upgrades to make it easier for you to win on harder levels.