Trap The Cat

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Get ready to experience the time of creating traps in the strategic game named Trap The Cat. Don't let the cat escape the trap you're trying to create.

Description of the Trap The Cat game

This strategy game is designed with a lot of hexagons put together to create this honeycomb platform. A black cat is standing in the middle of the platform. Your task is to create a trap or cage so that the cat does not run off the platform.

The small hexagons in the platform are divided into two categories. One is light green and the other is dark green. The cat can move on light green hexagons. In contrast, it cannot move on the other type of pentagon. To trap the cat in this platform, you will have to create a circular cage. By using the mouse to click on the light green pentagons, it will switch to the other and the cat will not be able to pass it.

Tips to play Trap The Cat

  • You should pay attention to the moving direction of the cat. Make the bars of the cage in the same direction as the cat's movement.
  • You should make a large circle so that the cat cannot get out. Then you start creating small cages until the cat can't move anymore.