Twerk Run

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About Twerk Run

Welcome to Twerk Run to enjoy one of the most interesting running games! Your mission is to run and collect as many burgers as possible to defeat your opponent.

How to defeat the opponents

As you know, the aim of Twerk Run is to defeat all the opponents. So how to complete this goal? When entering the game, you will control a girl with a normal appearance and shape. You should increase your character's size. On the path to the tournament, your objective is to gather burgers to increase the size of your character. Vegetables and exercise equipment may reduce body size, so avoid them whenever possible. Be cautious of the rails, since you might easily fall into the river. Furthermore, there are other hurdles that might lead to weight loss. When you approach your objective, you must push your opponent. Estimate the strength using the power bar, then click the mouse when the strength is optimal.

Many distinct stages with thousands of obstacles await you in the game. You may get coins after finishing a level. The currency may then be used to purchase improvements and unlock new characters. The game will get more difficult as additional vegetables and fitness equipment emerge. Have a great time!