Vampire Survivors

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About Vampire Survivors

Play Vampire Survivors to participate in a battle destroying vampires. Navigating your game character to survive and eliminate as many vampires as possible.

The world suddenly became dark when the sunlight could not illuminate the earth. Scary creatures living in my shadow appeared, especially the existence of a bloodthirsty creature called a vampire. As you know, their favorite food is human blood. Therefore, humans are being hunted by vampires. With weapons in hand, you must try to survive and destroy as many vampires as possible. The best way if you face too many vampires is to run away.

Additionally, you have been equipped with some skills to destroy vampires. Some great useful items which can help you horizontally attack, go through foes, add additional gold coins, and boost the experience, are also provided during playing. In addition, you can purchase several power-ups to aid your character's victory. There are 12 available power-ups, including Strength, Maximum Health, Armor, Amount, Cooldown, etc. If you want to play more interesting games, visit Dino Game and Smash Karts.

How to play

Use your mouse