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You have watched so many films or movies about pirates and their battles in the ocean. Do you want to transform into a pirate and take part in the deadly pirate battle? If your answer is yes, don't hesitate to enter YoHoHo.io right away.

What is YoHoHo.io?

YoHoHo.io is an interesting online game belonging to the pirate theme. In the game, you as a pirate are finding treasure and defeating other pirates to occupy treasure from them. In specific, you take control of your character to move around the player area to look for treasure like gold coins or treasure boxes. You also take a battle with others to occupy their gold. However, you should choose your appropriate opponents if you don't want to be a loser and your gold is taken. Your suggestion to choose the enemies for you is that when you encounter ones who are bigger in appearance and better in weapon, run away from them. In contrast, when you see ones who are similar to you, don't hesitate to take a battle with them.

How to control the pirate character

Like other games such as Push My Chair, Murder, and Baldi's Basics, it's important to know how to control your game character to defeat others. To move, you slide your mouse. If you want to take a battle with others, let's click the left mouse button to strike. This control is so easy and simple to understand and conduct. Let's create great strikes and be the kind of pirates.

The character in this pirate game

The game offers a lot of characters with different appearances. However, they all have the features of a pirate. For example, their weird clothes, skull caps, blindfolded eye, or lost a hand are some ultimate features of their appearances. In addition, their pirate character will be bigger and bigger over time. This is evidence of the progress of pirates. In the game, the bigger your pirate is, the stronger he is.

Variety of weapons

The weapon in the game is mainly the sword. However, there are a variety of materials for them such as wood or silver. Besides, when you enter this game, you must start with the basic weapon which is a small wooden sword. Through time, when your character is bigger and bigger, your wood sword will transfer into a silver sword and be bigger and bigger. Of course, its damage level is greater.

Some challenges of YoHoHo.io

There are some challenges in the game that you have to encounter:

  • First, this game is a multiplayer game in which playing participants are real people from all over the words. Therefore, you have to plan your strategies and be careful to avoid being killed and robbed of your money.
  • Second, when you play this game, you will encounter some different color areas. The note for you here is that you must stay away from the red area because this is a poisonous area. Any pirate who enters this poisonous or red area will die. However, there is an announcement that poison is coming for your to know and run before it comes.